archWARH 106.5 FM –

St. Louis Radio Group

106.5 The Arch, is All About the Variety! At The Arch, we cater to St. Louis with a huge music library including: Bon Jovi, Prince, Queen, Maroon 5, Journey, Bruno Mars, Aerosmith, Michael Jackson and the list goes on and on. What will you hear next? You never know on The Arch.

The Arch is led by live and local morning show starring Stacey and Jonah! Life can sometime stink…that’s why we have FUN in the morning on 106-5 The Arch!

The Arch is FUN with interactive events like the annual 2nd Chance Prom , Boy Band Night and 90’s House Parties!

The Arch is heavily involved in the community, supporting various causes throughout the year including One Pet/One Vet; purchasing a service dog for a local veteran suffering PTSD, 10,000 Cards for Kids stuck in the hospital over Christmas, Breast Cancer Awareness, and the fight against Alzheimers.