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Chicago Radio Group

The Drive in Chicago is one of the first innovative adult concept radio stations to come along in quite a while. We’re proud to be a no-hype celebration of timeless rock that listeners have gravitated around and introduced — grass-roots fashion — to friends, family, co-workers, and colleagues.

WDRV, and now WWDV, have translated this message of respecting the music to respect for the community as well, which is demonstrated by heightened awareness of our community service projects.

At The Drive, we spark pleasant memories and play music that speaks to people — music that was and is important in their lives. It makes our core audience feel good, while providing a platform for them to do good by bringing attention to the issues facing our communities and to the efforts to address those concerns.

Our focus on serving the community was recognized in 2004 when WDRV was named a winner of the prestigious NAB Crystal Radio Award for Community Service just three years after The Drive was born. We were thrilled to win our second Crystal Award in 2008.