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Chicago Radio Group

WTMX Chicago (101.9fm THE MIX) is an Adult Top 40 Radio Station that features the Eric & Kathy Morning Show, the signature entertainment morning radio program in Chicago along with Today¹s New Music.

Appealing to both Men and Women, over 2.1 Million MIX listeners are between the coveted ages of 25 to 54 years old and are highly educated, white collar professionals that own their own homes with an annual income of $100,000+.

Eric & Kathy Morning Show is fronted by Chicago natives Eric Ferguson and Kathy Hart. They have boasted strong listenership among advertiser-coveted persons 25-to-54 for most of their tenure at the station. The key to the success of this entertainment based, lifestyle driven show has been its ability to keep the content edgy enough to engage adults but with enough tongue in cheek humor to sail right over the heads of kids.

Reach and interact with today¹s sophisticated consumer through multi-layered, emotional campaigns such as video, music, gaming, causes, celebrities, social media and lifestyle events as the foundation of a program. Increase retention with station generated grass roots, social media and engaging email messaging to allow for connection and stay connected to consumers.

Let THE MIX show you why it’s Chicago¹s Favorite Radio Station!

Contact THE MIX by email at Info@wtmx.com