Chicago has long been known as the city of big shoulders, a city that makes no small plans and delivers on its promises. From the Columbian Exposition to the great architecture of Chicago, including the once-acclaimed World’s Tallest Building, from the World Champion White Sox to the unrivaled Michael Jordan-led Bulls of the NBA, being a Chicagoan is being part of something bigger than oneself.

At Hubbard Radio Chicago, we reflect that honest, forthright Chicago creed not only in our unparalleled commitment to community service, but also in the entertainment we provide to energize, inform, uplift and engage our audiences. We’re proud of our three distinct radio stations that serve three large segments of adult listeners.

WTMX – “The Mix” – provides a connection and social platform for 18- to 34-year-old females. WILV – “Rewind” – plays feel good favorites of the 80’s and more. And then we have WDRV – “The Drive” – which re-ignites the soundtrack of a generation through a mosaic of timeless rock for adult men.