Hubbard Radio Takes the National Radio Talent System West

With four Institutes in the south and east, the National Radio Talent System now heads to the great Northwest with Institute number five; the Hubbard Radio Talent Institute at Central Washington University in Washington State.

Hubbard Radio’s Chair and CEO, Ginny Morris, commented: “Compelling and relatable on air talent is what separates local radio from all other audio entertainment services. Our investment in the National Radio Talent System at Central Washington University is an extension of Hubbard Radio’s commitment to do our part to nurture and grow the talent pipeline for the industry. We are proud to partner with Dan Vallie and his team in this important initiative.

Dan Vallie, Founder and President of the National Radio Talent System, stated: “I am nothing less than thrilled to be working with Ginny Morris and her team of quality professionals at Hubbard Radio. From the first time we spoke about it, it was obvious they shared the vision. We are flattered to have Hubbard partner with us to continue growing the farm system for radio, discovering, coaching, and incubating young talent who have a desire and passion to be in radio. This is our future.

The inaugural Hubbard Radio Talent Institute will debut this summer, June 13-22. The National Radio Talent System will be contacting broadcasters from radio stations in Seattle and across the state and region to teach sessions during the ten-day institute.

Associate Dean of Student Development, Keith Champagne, commented: “Having a nationally award winning college radio program in KCWU-FM, the partnership with Hubbard Radio and the National Radio Talent System was simply a perfect match. Giving student broadcasters opportunities they can’t find anywhere else is a cornerstone of Central Washington University. The Hubbard Radio Talent Institute will be another great example of that.

Travis Box, radio veteran and General Manager of college radio station KCWU, said: “I’m so excited to welcome the Hubbard Radio Talent Institute to Central Washington University! The unparalleled, professional foundation of Hubbard Radio, coupled with the expertise of Dan Vallie and the National Radio Talent System, will now give west coast student broadcasters the opportunity to launch their careers with an unprecedented skill-set and real-world understanding of the industry and what it takes to succeed.

Vallie stated: “With the program at Central Washington, the plans they have, and the college radio station, KCWU, it became obvious that CWU is the university to partner with for the Hubbard Radio Talent Institute. We begin this week accepting applications from students at Central Washington University and from students at universities across the state and region. We encourage all broadcasters to urge their interns at the stations now and from this past summer to apply.” (Apply at

The Radio Talent Institute builds upon the already quality education students are receiving at the university and through working at their college radio station. All sessions in the Institute are taught by professional broadcasters in each of their areas of expertise. The sessions during the Institute include on-air, production, news, sports, interactive, social media, promotions and sales, including the Radio Marketing Professional course from RAB.

This innovative concept has the broadcast profession, the universities, and the National Radio Talent System working together to find, teach and develop well-rounded and well-educated fresh talent to bring into the industry today and prepare the next generation of broadcast leaders for tomorrow.

Vallie founded the National Radio Talent System in 2013 as the first program of its kind in the world, with a mission to create a radio talent system (a talent incubator) by placing a Radio Talent Institute on a college campus in every region of the country so radio stations can recruit young talent from their own region or nationally.

Other Institutes include the GAB Radio Talent Institute, University of Georgia; Confer Radio Talent Institute, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania; KBA WKU Radio Talent Institute, Western Kentucky University and the Kellar Radio Talent Institute, Appalachian State University in North Carolina.

Individual broadcasters, broadcast groups or organizations who would like to join the National Radio Talent System in establishing and sponsoring a Radio Talent Institute on a campus in their state or region should contact Dan Vallie at or 828-262-1502.